Elect Michael Chen for YRDSB Public School Trustee – Markham City Ward 5 and 7

Father | Educator | Inspirer

Public School Turstee

Role of a Public School Trustee

You might not be familiar with who they are. The Public School Trustees are elected leaders to oversee the operation of YRDSB. They set policies, plan the annual budget, and advocate for quality education. Most importantly, Trustees are accountable to the community for decisions made by the Board.

The importance of Trustee's role

The Public School Trustee is the person who is going to represent the parents and the communities who elected him/her. Public School Trustees can only make decisions as a group, there is no one School Trustee that represents all. All School Trustees are equally important at the discussion table. One of the major responsibility of the School Trustee is to help the parent communicate and solve any issue relating to the child’s education with YRDSB. Therefore, it is important to elect a School Trustee that is a listener, communicator, and problem solver!

I am that person to help!

Why choose Michael Chen as your Public School Trustee

As a father with children enrolled in YRDSB schools, I want to serve as your Public School Trustee to ensure our children receive the best quality for their education. My plans are simple and achievable.

In the next 4 years, I will focus on our children’s academic success through:

1) Ongoing Tutoring Support Programs with community partnership,

2) Promoting group learning activities to foster children’s positive mental health,

3) STEM-focus learning curriculum to prepare for Careers of  Tomorrow.

I am a fluent communicator in English, French, and Mandarin. I have a passion to help people around me. I’m confident that as your Public School Trustee, I will be a capable representative to help you address your concerns for your child’s education.

As your School Trustee, I will host a monthly Parent and Family Engagement Meeting to listen and discuss your concerns about your children’s learning. Our school system can only get better with active parent involvement!

This is my commitment to the parents and families in Ward 5 & 7. I invite you to visit my website to learn more about who I am, my vision for YRDSB, and my plan to ensure children in Ward 5 and 7 schools receive the best learning experience to achieve academic success!

Thank you for considering my name on your ballot!

Michal Chen