Elect Michael Chen for YRDSB Public School Trustee – Markham City Ward 5 and 7

Father | Educator | Inspirer


I want to thank the voters in wards 5 and 7 who trusted me as your new YRDSB Public School Trustee. I am deeply humbled and I will do my best to learn about this role and act with integrity. My priorities are the student’s academic achievements and well-being. 

You might have noticed my banner woods were painted yellow and blue. I did that because I wanted to raise awareness and use this opportunity to remind everyone that the war in Ukraine is still ongoing and they still need our help! Please consider donating generously to the Canada-Ukraine Foundation at www.cufoundation.ca

My Plan

Expand the Tutoring Support Programs at YRDSB.

Promote group learning activities to foster children’s positive mental health,

Apply STEM-focus concepts to prepare for the Careers of Tomorrow.

“My FIRST priority is to listen and represent the parents in Ward 5 & 7”

Do you know what does a Public School Trustee do? Find out more...

Ward 5 and 7 Map & Schools

Markham city Ward 5 and 7 is home to some 12, 000 students and 16 public elementary schools and 2 secondary schools. Ward 5 is represented by Trustee Chair Allan Tam and Ward 7 is represented by Trustee Juanita Nathan. Both Trustees have well represented the community over the past years however they are not seeking re-election for their School Trustee position. This is time to elect a new Public School Trustee that is trustworthy and willing to represent the parents and families in this wonderful community in Markham. I am that person to count on!