Elect Michael Chen for YRDSB Public School Trustee – Markham City Ward 5 and 7

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STEM-Focus Curriculum

STEM-Focused Curriculum for the Career of Tomorrow

Children learn best when their learning environment engages them. What is STEM learning? STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, but is not a particular subject in school. It is a way of thinking and doing, an important skill set for children of this generation to know how to work together and solve the most challenging questions of the generation. STEM learning is not about mastering these subjects, it is about knowing how to apply the transferrable and essential skills in them. STEM learning is not about turning all students into high-tech industry workers!

STEM skills are extremely useful for youth in today’s careers. Almost all jobs today require workers or leaders to have some basic understanding on how to operate technology devices. As simple as knowing how to diagnose and fix a malfunctioning technology device at work, is a STEM skill! Nowadays, it is not about how much you know anymore. With the ever-evolving market, the information you retain could go obsolete very quickly. Suddenly, research and fact-finding skills become an important skill set to possess. Understanding how to find accurate information on the information web is a STEM skill!

As your School Trustee, I want to transform the YRDSB school curriculum to add STEM-focused elements. Applying STEM learning does not mean that we have to sacrifice fundamental learning. It is about complementing the traditional way of learning the basics and gradually adding STEM learning skills until students graduate from high school. 

The career of tomorrow will be much more different than today. “Through STEM, students develop key skills such as problem-solving, creativity, critical analysis, teamwork, and independent thinking. Skills developed through STEM provide students with the foundation to succeed at school and beyond.”